About the Film

How does an ex-felon rebuild his life after 19 years in prison?

Coming From Behind [30 min. runtime, Fall 2019 completion] profiles “returning citizen” Ed Jordan, who was incarcerated as a youth for a tragic mistake. Upon release from prison, Ed rebuilds his life and becomes a successful ironworker, entrepreneur, and mentor.



Coming From Behind aims to educate and enlighten viewers by demonstrating the power that hope, fellowship, and education can have on incarcerated individuals. Through Ed’s compelling story, we want to inspire discussion, advocacy, and action relating to social justice for returning citizens and those serving time.



The Coming From Behind Project has four main parts:

  • film & web site: gives guidance to ex-felons and their support communities
  • graphic novel: gets the broader story before a larger audience
  • podcast: connects those on the inside with the power of music and narrative
  • educational modules: resources for engagement, discussion, and learning



We will use Coming From Behind film to:

  • Provide hope and guidance for ex-felons, other returning citizens, their families and support communities
  • Illuminate the realities of Ed’s life history to new generations of social justice activists through his first person narrative
  • Motivate policy makers and  citizens to combat racial inequality and injustice toward marginalized communities
  • Encourage business leaders to engage with community activists and support important social justice initiatives
  • Authenticate the positive impact of Prison Education Programs and Prison Reform Advocacy Programs
  • Reaffirm the message a “returning citizen” who makes invaluable contributions to society
  • Support vocational training initiatives for inner city youth that lead to skilled, in-demand, living wage jobs

Who is the audience?

The audience for the FILM:
  1. Prison Education Programs
    • Corrections-based Vocational Training Programs
    • College and University Prison Initiatives
  2. Re-entry Programs
  3. Prison Reform Advocacy Programs
  4. Policy Makers and Concerned Citizens
  5. Youth Services
    • Public Libraries
    • High Schools
    • Boys & Girls Clubs